Belt sieve

The tape sieve is intended for rough preliminary sewage treatment. The tape creates a barrier to water flowing with solid particles that are trapped on the grate. The sludge is carried by a tape on a surface in ahead of a sieve where gets to an unloading funnel.

The grille is cleaned with a remote brush and the action of the washing device.

Tape cleaning starts at the same time as the tape drive.

The belt cleaning operation is controlled by a timer or a level sensor installed.

Behind the discharge, the funnel is usually a press for sludge or a screw conveyor with a press.

Distinctive features:

  • removal of insoluble substances and large objects
  • full automation of sieve operation
  • resistance to damage to remote plates
  • the ability to transport sludge from great depths
plastic plates combination of stainless steel / plastic plates


  • The belt sieve is made of high-quality stainless steel and high-quality plastics resistant to mechanical wear
  • Low weight and a common design solution guarantee easy installation, reliable operation, and long service life of the sieve.
  • The flow through the sieve is much greater than the usually used sieves of this type.

These properties are guaranteed by the thin plastic plates that make up the sieve tape.

The sieve is always equipped with a belt overload protection system.

Possibilities of manufacturing options:

  • the sizes strictly according to the necessary channel
  • the selectable gap between the plates of the sieve
  • remote plates can be made of stainless steel
  • the choice of an inclination of 60 ° or 75 °
  • possibility of warming and heating
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