Multifunctional device for 35–260 l/s flow

The multifunctional device for a flow rate of 35–260 l / s is designed to extract large fractions of household dirt, crushed stone, and sand from the incoming water and transport them to containers.

Taking into account local requirements and economic aspects, the multifunctional device can be made in the basic version or with additional functions at the customer’s choice and for various flows.

Basic functions:

  • catching sediments (sand, gravel)
  • retention of dirt on the grate
  • transportation of the captured material to the container
  • integrated bypass

Additional functions:

  • washing waste from the grate
  • dewatering of waste from the grate
  • sand washing


  • possibility of filling with a pump and by gravity
  • integrates all functions of coarse pre-cleaning

MZ_flow l / s – a multi-functional device of a large number is assembled from individual components.

A straight auger grate can be used at the inlet of the multifunctional device up to a flow rate of 50 l/s.

For higher flow rates, a belt grate is usually used.

For example:
MZ_50 – Qmax = 50 l / s (straight auger grate can be used)
MZ_200 – Qmax = 200 l / s (belt grating can be used)

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