Drum micro-mesh filter

Drum micro-mesh filters are an ideal way to filter water from wastewater treatment plants.

Filters are also used to filter water from paper and textile industries, power plants, combined heat and power plants, fish farms, zoos, and many other objects.

The principle of operation is in a single carrier grid with different filter cloths for all filter sizes.

The installation of the filter grate can be done very quickly without the use of fasteners and tools.


  • significant improvement in the quality of treated water
  • small footprint
  • low investment and operating costs
  • full automation of work
  • significant improvement in cleaning reliability
  • high resistance to wear and damage


  • different performance depending on the water flow through the filter
  • various installation options
  • filter cloth density
  • filter cloth material
  • sludge removal by gravity or by means of a pump
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