Disc filter

The main filter element is a filter segment covered with a filter cloth.

Water entering the inner space of the filter segment passes outward through the fabric, on which small impurities are retained.

The segments are fixed to the disc shaft. Twelve segments form one disc.

The number of discs determines the dirt holding capacity and hence the size of the filter.

We offer disc filters with 4, 6, 10, 16, and 24 discs with a filtration range of 5-200 microns.


  • high cleaning reliability
  • high resistance to wear and damage
  • filtration of large volumes up to 730 l / s
  • filtration of particles from 5 microns
  • high quality of purified water
  • small installation area (in relation to the capacity)
  • an excellent alternative to micro-mesh drum filters
  • low investment and operating costs
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