Sand trap (sand separator)

Sand Separator – Equipment designed to separate sand from other settling parts in water treatment plants.

Usually installed behind a sand trap that is designed for full water flow and in which sand is deposited along with other solid particles with a density greater than that of water.

From the sand trap, at specified intervals, sand together with water and other particles is pumped or airlift into the sand separator. Here, the sand is separated from the other settling parts by controlled sedimentation.

The sand, given its density, falls on the bottom of the separator, while the lighter parts are carried away by the stream of water from the separator.


  • significant increase in separation efficiency due to the possibility of installing a special internal insert from the slats
  • flushing the separated material with clean water
  • the ability to adjust the separation efficiency in a ratio of 1:10
  • low sensitivity of the separator to a possible change in the volume of flowing water
  • long delay time
  • better deposition
  • inlet and outlet can be rotated 3600
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