Screw press with sludge washing

The equipment is designed for washing, dewatering and compacting the sludge captured by the screens, and for transporting it to the collection tank.

It is primarily used in wastewater treatment plants to reduce water and organic matter content in sludge.

The discharge piping solution offers the transport of sludge in different directions, even in confined spaces or off-site.

All parts of the press are made of stainless steel; carbon steels with anti-corrosion surface treatment are allowed for the discharge nozzle, base frame, and support elements.

An electrical panel is supplied to control the press. The press uses time-controlled solenoid valves to supply flushing and spray water. The frequency of switching on the press depends on the amount of sludge. It is determined during the trial operation of the line in conjunction with the course of the grate or conveyor that feeds the sludge to the press.

The press can be designed for specific working conditions.

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