Shield gates

Locking and regulating elements of water flow in open channels.

They are also often used to shut off a pipeline branch in the walls of tanks, reservoirs, etc.

The lifting and lowering of the plate are provided by a lead screw, manually controlled by a handwheel, or using an electric servo. The lead screw can be lifted when the plate moves up or down with the screw, or non-lifting when the screw remains in place and only the plate moves.

Materials used: all stainless steel parts, plastic guide plates, silicone rubber seal.

When installed in open ducts, a three-way seal is used (bottom and side walls), when installed on the walls of tanks (e.g. an end sump), a four-way seal is used.

Depending on the depth of the channel, it is possible to use a sluice with a bed or an extended frame

The fixing of the frame in the channels is most often carried out in the grooves, followed by pouring the concrete mixture, and when installing on the wall, using dowels.

In addition to standard sizes of manufactured panel gates, our company, at the request of the customer, manufactures panel gates according to individual drawings, taking into account the operating conditions of the equipment and the place of its installation.

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